We drink more and more coffee every year!

Do you like coffee? Who doesn’t, right? Well, in fact there are plenty of cultures where this very drink is virtually unknown and turns out to be redundant to be happy. But it’s definitely not our culture, where coffee is one of the most important things of almost each culture’s cuisine.

Affordable to anyone?

We may not notice that anymore, but it turns out to be a very important thing that coffee is now simply cheap and therefore affordable to anyone of us. Just a couple of dozens of years ago, the coffee we had was not only of poor quality, but also less accessible.

Coffee in our culture

Another reason why so many people like it is that it’s highly promoted by the whole culture. It’s quite obvious that we meet to drink coffee and there are also people who take advantage of payday loans in Norway norwegian kredittkort reiseforsikring
in order to start a coffee business and therefore be able to spend even more time with this amazing drink that keeps the civilization running and running all the time.