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Roberto Poveda Quintet-Friday

by Terraza 7 on July 27, 2012

Roberto Poveda Quintet at Terraza 7 on Friday July 27 2012 at 10:00 pm

$5 cover for mezzanine.

Roberto Poveda, is without a doubt a performer with the unique ability of reaching deep down into his Cuban roots, and deliver Soulful, Eclectic, and Hypnotizing songs which he both writes and performs with the passion of a true artist. Poveda is a performer who has wandered with his guitar from one venue to another over the past few years, building an audience of loyal followers. Poveda’s unique approach in combining the various Cuban music forms of Son, Bolero, Rumba, & Timba, with Jazz, R & B, and Rap has resulted in a sound of his own.

Roberto released a new album in January 2012 entitled Roberto Poveda and Brooklyn Nights,  is a twelve song performance that showcases not only his famous laid-back vocal style, but also his strong ability to write emphatic lyrics in a discourse about life, love and existence. Along with his approach to the wide range of rhythms from the tradition of Cuba’s Son Montuno and the Guaracha, in Brooklyn Nights, Poveda seductively intertwines his melodies with elements of the Bolero Feeling and finally the Blues.

Roberto Poveda (guitar, voice)
Fima Ephron (bass)
John Pondel (electric guitar)
Jaime Affoumado (drums)
(plus guest musicians)

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