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Lucía Pulido’s ensembles

by Terraza 7 on September 6, 2012


Lucia Pulido is a Colombian singer with one of the richest voices on  the international Latin American musical scene today. She has an  experimental style marked by a distinct vocal sophistication, and has  participated in various projects, ranging from traditional Colombian  music to jazz and world music. Traditional genres such as cumbia and  bullerengue from the Atlantic Coast, currulaos from the Pacific Coast as  well as joropos from the Colombian Eastern Plains are the point of  departure for her musical creativity. Lucía’s vocal sophistication is  enhanced in genres such as herding songs (cantos de vaquería), funeral  laments (alabaos) and harvest chants (cantos de zafra), which give the  singer the liberty to explore her voice fully.

Lucía Pulido this month with  at Terraza 7 on Thursday September 6, 2012 at 9:30 pm.

$5 cover for mezzanine.

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