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by Terraza 7 on August 28, 2012

Llama! is a Brooklyn based band that brings together the best of Latin American Tropical music and the trippy sounds of psychedelia and ambient music. This mixture is made possible through the mixture of the band members, Efrain Rozas, Yvonne Ubillus, Andy Mcbeath, Diego Obregon, Jon Toscano and Joy Hanson. Their experience in Sabor Latino and new electro/experimental flavours bring together New York, Peru and Colombia in a blender. In Spanish, “Llama!” is the name of an exotic South American animal, but it also means Flame, or to call someone to party. Llama! Will make you dance with best Sonero tradition, while making you trip away with its deep textures and atmospheres.


Erik Baumann-Bongos
Juan Calderon-Guitar
Joy Hanson-Lead vocals
Megan Moncrief-Piano
Michael Rafalowich-Bass
Efrain Rozas-Director, Timbales
Yvonne Ubillus-Synthesizer
Oscar Rebolledo -Conga

Llama! at Terraza 7  on Tuesday August 28, 2012 at 9:30pm.

$10 cover charge.

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