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From Morocco to Veracruz at Flushing Town Hall

by Terraza 7 on November 10, 2012

Terraza 7 and Flushing Town Hall Museum, two places devoted to promoting the artistic local expressions of New York City, proudly pay homage to the cultural and ethnic encounter between the African-Arab world and The Americas and the plurality in the Latin American Musical expressions. The North African sounds of Morocco, traveling trough Andalusia, Spain and brought to Latin America will be represented by three outstanding artistic projects: Brahim Fribgane-Morocco Andalus Project, Lara Bello Band-from Granada and the New York based band: Jarana Beat- Veracruz music.

As the point of departure; the origins, the passionate Brahim Fribgane, will bring to life a diverse repertoire of music including songs from ancient Andalusia, North Africa and the Middle East. At the meeting point between the African-Arab world and the European world, superb singer Lara Bello will bring compositions that share the multiculturalism of Granada (her birth place), a city that moves between Morocco and Spain, and where the Arab influence has been present for centuries and is part of the city’s essence. The point of arrival; the so called “New World” where all of these Arab influences filtered through the Spaniard culture and arrived hand in hand with African traditions to meet with the indigenous world. Veracruz, Mexico, a place where everything blended together as one whole identity, will be represented by Jarana Beat with an authentic Fandango celebration, the true essence of México and its people.

This makes for a celebration of diversity and the strong will of immigrants to build a sense of belonging to a different world by incorporating new influences to their cultural memory.

Event Curated by Freddy Castiblanco

From Morocco To Veracruz at:

Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Boulevard Flushing, NY 11354(at the corner of Linden Place)

Saturday, November 10, 2012, 7:00 PM
$20/$15 Members & Students with I.D.

Members of Flushing Town Hall please call (718) 463-7700 ext. 222 to purchase your tickets.




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