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by Terraza 7 on October 9, 2012

Dilemastronauta  (Tribute to  The Latin American Songbook)

Dilemastronauta brings together  Colombian Rhythms, plus electronic sounds and intense improvisation, for a beautiful and unique sound.
Dilemastronauta was created in 2009 by drummer/composer Andres Jimenez, a young drummer who has been diving in two musical seas; Folkoloric music from both Atlantic and pacific regions of his native Colombia as well as Bebop, Góspel, and Afrobeat  creating a new style of  Bilingual Drumming. (Andres is also a co founder of  M.A.K.U Sound System ) They  represent the new” ALTERNATIVE COLOMBIAN BEAT” .
Dilemastronauta  will be featuring Melissa Escudero, a young up an coming singer from Queens New York doing a tribute to Colombian, Peruvian and Brazilian folk songs played in the improvisational, groove oriented, explosive style of Dilemastronauta.
Come and experience wonderful live music at Terraza 7!
Melissa Escudero: Vocals, percussion
Livio Almeida – soprano and tenor saxes
Alessandro Fadini – Keys

Seth Myers – Bass

Dilemastronauta at Terraza 7. Tuesday October 9, 2011; at 9:30 pm.

$5 cover(mezzanine)

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