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Brahim Fribgane Andalus ensemble/ Moroccan Andalusian Music

by Terraza 7 on April 5, 2013


This exciting North African Music band was formed  in New York City when Moroccan  Percussionist/Oud Braihim Fribgane, highly respected in his native land, joined forces with Moroccan Percussionists David Buchbut, flute player Hadar Noiberg and Guitar player Dan Nadel to form Brahim Fribgane Andalus Project. Together they bring to life a diverse repertoire of music including songs from ancient Andalusia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Brahims’s natural ability to communicate his passion on stage breaks the barriers between the audience and performers. Combined with the band’s power to engage the crowd into spontaneous singing and dancing

Brahim Fribgane Andalus Project/Moroccan-Andalusian Music at Terraza 7 on Friday April 5 2013 at 10:30 pm


Brahim Fribgane/ Oud, vocal

Uri sharlin/ accordion

Dan Nadel/ guitar ,

Hadar Noiberg/ flute ,

David  Buchbut/ Darbouka

$5 cover for mezzanine.



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