Origins of jazz

Jazz as we know it is now one of the most popular music genres. However, it was not always the case and at the time it was born most of people were reluctant to join this community. So, where and how was jazz actually born and what does it mean today for us, music enthusiasts?
Blues, ragtime and european music
In the beginning there was Storyville in New Orlean. Most researchers consider this district to be the place where jazz was born and started to grow. As far as we know, the basics of this music genre combine not only the sound of blues, but also ragtime and of course various kinds of european music.

Combining it all together people created something utterly unique and now we call it jazz. Needless to say it was substantially different from modern jazz, which shouldn’t be a surprise as the first music of this kind was played in the beginning of the 20th century.
Musical instruments
Although nowadays there’s virtually no instrument which cannot be incorporated into a jazz band, in those times it was quite different. Few people were ready to afford brand new guitar or drums. Some took various types of loans to be able to purchase their instruments, others borrowed them or decided to use worn equipment.

However, they created a new way of interpreting music with such musical instruments, as for instance:

● trumpet,
● violin,
● guitar.
Who started the show?
Unfortunately it’s very unclear who was the very first jazz performer, however the history is quite well documented, therefore we can for instance list some of the most renowned people related to jazz music genre, for example: Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charlie Patton.

Generally, the idea of jazz is, let’s say, “liquid”, hence there are no strict boundaries where it starts and where it ends. As a result, you can be sure that if you’d like to perform jazz music, you can be sure to be welcomed to the community. However, modern jazz is of course completely unalike in terms of sound and feeling. Nevertheless, it still shares the root with its original version.